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Adjunct Faculty Support

Canceling a Class

Should you need to cancel a class, you are required to alert your students as soon as possible (via CANVAS course mail) and the appropriate division assistant.  Division contact information is located at the top of the center column of this page.  Be aware that if you cancel a class, you may be obligated to provide a "make-up" session for your students.  Contact the division assistant for more information.

Multimedia Equipment

CWC has multimedia equipment in nearly every classroom, including projection systems, document cameras and other equipment.  Contact the Division Assistant for more information. 

Contact Numbers

Arts & Sciences Division - Assistant to the Dean, Kenna Sweglar (307) 855-2127

Business, Technical, Health & Safety - Assistant to the Dean, Carol Woolery (307) 855-2181

Athletics, Activities, and Co-Curricular Division - Assistant, Sarah Watson (307) 855-2260

Library (307) 855-2141

IT Helpdesk (307) 855-2198 

Campus Safety (307) 855-2143 [if there is an emergency, call 911]

Campus Services (307) 855-2279 [unlock rooms, spill cleanup, etc.] 

Outreach Center contact information

Office Support

For inquiries about keys, photocopying, building access, office supplies contact your Division Assistant (contact information above). 

Human Resources

Adjuncts are hired one semester at a time. Each semester requires a new contract. Your contract must be returned to your Division at least one week prior to the start of classes. You have the option to be paid once per month or in a lump sum at the end of your contract. This language must be in the contract.

Because of the timing of pay periods, 
you may not get paid until more than a month of classes. For example, Spring semester adjuncts began classes January 16, but were not issued their first paychecks until February 29. You may opt to have your check directly deposited by returning a completed version of the payroll disbursement form to the HR Office

If you change your mailing address, please notify the HR staff at 307-855-2112.


Copiers require codes for access. You can request the code from your division's assistant. Available copiers are located near faculty offices on the second floor of Main Hall, in the library and in the division offices.