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IT Policies

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Students and staff may call or visit during office hours for assistance with password help and resets, Network access, E-mail, Canvas, WebAdvisor, and other IT-related information.
Phone: 307-855-2198 or 877-292-3375
Location: Central Wyoming College Library 
Semester hours:
Monday–Thursday 8 a.m.–9 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturday 12–5 p.m.
Sunday 2–9 p.m.
Academic Break hours: 
Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

A phone call or e-mail received out-of-hours will be returned the following business day.


CWC Announcements

Send an e-mail to the Chief Information Officer if you would like to join the CWC Announcement e-mail list.   Chief Information Officer

Computer labs

The campus has several computer labs on campus. Most are reserved for classes and student use. The lab in the library is open to all - community, students and staff. It is open during the library's hours. There are also laptops available for checkout in the library. They may be reserved by calling the Helpdesk (307-855-2198). Anyone checking out a laptop must complete a user agreement and pick-up and return the laptops to the library during library hours.  

To reserve a computer lab, complete a CWC facililties request and specify that you need a computer lab. 


The college provides a CWC email address for all instructors and encourages students to contact them through this email address. If you would like it to be forwarded to another email address, please contact the Helpdesk (307-855-2198). 

IT Policies

The use of CWC computers requires compliance with college computing policies. You will be asked to sign a compliance form (below) annually. Please return the completed form to the IT office. Questions may be directed to the Chief Information Officer at 307-855-2196. 

"Use of CWC e-mail and Internet access for amusement, personal communications and/or non-CWC purposes is strongly discouraged. Although occasional personal or non-College use may be allowed, any use that adversely affects other users, that interferes with the efficient and effective operation of the system or the appropriate discharge of college duties, or that violates any local, state, or federal laws or regulations or college policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action. The College absolutely will not tolerate any form of destructive or harmful e-mail or Internet use, including but not limited to harassment, vandalism, pornography or obscenity. Use of the College electronic communications system for personal business with the intent to profit is strictly prohibited. Non-compliance may result in a warning, written reprimand, loss of system privileges, or other disciplinary action as recommended by the IT Director and the employee’s supervisor and approved by the appropriate dean or next level supervisor."

Online Classrooms (CANVAS)

Currently, CWC uses CANVAS as our learning management system. Every course offered for credit must have a minimal CANVAS shell that includes a syllabus and contact information for the instructor and, when applicable, office hours. CWC encourages the use of the CANVAS shell for a tutorial or individualized assistance.  Please contact CWC's Instructional Technologist (307-855-2161) for more information, or for help in managing your online CANVAS course shell. 


When you are hired, an account is created for you in the IT directory. If you do not remember your CWC login information, please contact the Helpdesk (307-855-2198).

Public Docs

Adjunct accounts have the same access to CWC Public Docs as do any other staff accounts.  When logged in on a campus computer, all staff accounts have access to public docs.  When off-campus, no one has access to public docs (unless using Remote Desktop Protocol to remote into or

Software Websites

We have put together a list of websites that offer students discounts for Microsoft programs, Word replacement programs, and Adobe discounts. If you know of other affordable software that will help students be successful, please share them so that we can add to this list.

Adobe: Adobe's integrated design and productivity tools will help you produce your best work in the classroom and take you where you want to go after you graduate. Save up to 80% off the full retail price* with Adobe Student and Teacher Editions — full commercial versions at low prices for students and teachers.

Microsoft: Microsoft Student Store is a program whereby eligible students can enjoy certain special discounts on software and hardware from Microsoft.