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Test Center Information: Wyoming Constitution Test form

Information about testing at CWC

Wyoming Constitution Test application form

(Highlight form, right-click, and print)

Central Wyoming College

Credit By Examination: Wyoming Constitution 

Students who need to satisfy the Wyoming portion of their Constitution General Education requirements must be registered for CWC classes with an acceptable transfer course in United States Government to be eligible for this test. The online test will be made available to them after completing the requirements listed on this form. Students out of the Riverton area may make arrangements with their closest CWC outreach office.


                               Riverton campus test center (307) 855-2298                  Lander    307-332-3394

                                         CWC Library 307-855-2141                                   Dubois    307-455-2625

                                                                             Jackson   307-733-7425


FEE: The fee for credit by examination is $50.00. The Wyoming Constitution exam is equivalent to one (1) credit.  Payment must be received prior to testing.  Submit this form, along with the fee receipt, to the Test Center at the Riverton Campus, or your local CWC outreach office.

EXAM: The examination is administered online through the student's Canvas account. When the exam is available on the student’s account, they have 7 days to complete the exam. It is a 60-minute timed test containing 50 questions in multiple choice, true/false, and/or fill-in-the-blank formats. The passing score is 70%.  Failure to achieve a 70% after two (2) attempts taken within the same academic semester will require the student to take an appropriate course to satisfy the State of Wyoming’s Constitution requirement and CWC’s General Education requirement.

TEXTBOOK: The textbook can be purchased through the CWC Bookstore or a bookstore of the student’s choice.  Copies are also available for limited use at the CWC Library on the Riverton campus and at the CWC outreach offices.

            The Equality State: Government & Politics in Wyoming

            Author: Gregg Cawley         Publisher: Eddie Bowers Publishing, Inc.

EXAM COMPLETION:  The student must send an email to upon completion of the online exam so the score can be recorded and submitted for credit.

COLLEGE CREDIT: Upon successful completion of the examination, one (1) credit will be transcripted for successful completion of POLS 9998 Wyoming Constitution.  The grade notation will be an “S” for satisfactory completion and will have no effect on the student’s GPA.


Name:                                             ___________________________       CWC ID# or Social Security No.:                  ____________       


Student Signature:                                                                                _______________                                


Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________                                                                            


Home Phone No.:                                       Work Phone No.:                                            E-Mail Address:                                                           


CWC Official, WY Constitution Exam Signature:                                                                                           _________

Exam Date:                            Grade Received:                 Date Recorded:                                  By:                     _______

The Office of Student Records will mail a copy of the completed form once the grade has been entered.