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Test Center Information: Faculty Proctor request form

Information about testing at CWC

(Highlight form, right-click, and print "selection only") DO NOT USE PRINT PAGE at bottom of window.


CWC Test Center - Faculty Exam Proctoring Form

Central Wyoming College Riverton Testing Center services are available for instructors to have students re-test or make-up exams outside of class time, for online class exams, or for students who need accommodations. This form and the exam(s) should be submitted to testing center staff at least 24 hours prior to the exam window. (Groups of more than 3 require at least 5-day notice.)



Please alert students they MUST show a photo ID at the time of the exam.


Tests will be proctored by appointment only Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m-5 p.m. No tests will begin after 4 p.m.   Students may call 307-855-2298 or come to the Test Center to make an appointment.


  • Instructor’s name and class title: _________________________________________________________


  • Instructor contact information: Phone _____________________ email___________________________


  • Dates and times exam can be administered: ________________________________________________


  • Internet exam?    NO _____________      Yes _________________Password _______________________


  • Names of students to test: (attach list if needed): ____________________________________________



  • Amount of time allowed: ______________________________________________________________


  • The student is allowed to have (please circle):    notes    book(s)   calculator (basic /graphic)   scratch paper  other: ___________________________________________________________________________________


  • Is this student allowed accommodations? NO ______   YES _______  (If so, please list accommodations  allowed

for this exam: __________________________________________________________________________

  • In the event that a student is caught cheating, how do you want the Test Center staff to respond?

Collect exam and dismiss student without warning ____   Let student finish and notify instructor after exam_____


  • Directions for delivering completed exam(s) and/or scratch paper:

Instructor will pick up   _____  Use campus mail _____  Scan and email _____       Other (please specify below)




  • Special instructions:__________________________________________________________________

Note: The testing center can accommodate a maximum of 8 students at a time.

Testing Center MH109A      307-855-2298