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CLEP Policy: CWC

CLEP Policy

What is CLEP?

Central Wyoming College acknowledges that our students come to us with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Institutional policy permits students to earn up to 32 credits towards an associate degree or 16 credits towards a certificate by alternative methods.
The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of standardized examinations that allow you to demonstrate knowledge and skills you may have gained through job experience, outside course work, or independent learning.
There are 36 subject area tests; CWC will accept 30 of them. Students may earn college credit through these exams by scoring at or above the minimum scores established by CWC and listed on the CLEP web site.

How Do I Take the Exams?...


Thank you for choosing to take your CLEP exam at Central Wyoming College.  The following is some important information about your upcoming testing of which you need to be aware, especially since some of it requires action by you ahead of your exam appointment.  If you have questions about this information, please contact the Test Center office at 307-855-2298, or the Help Desk at Central Wyoming College at 307-855-2198 and ask for the Test Center Proctor.

Effective January 1, 2014 The CLEP fee (currently $90.00) is no longer collected at the Test Center.  Now all Examinees must go to the CLEP website and establish “My Account”, then register to take a specific CLEP exam. This process includes paying the $90.00 test fee.  You then MUST print out your Registration Ticket, and bring it with you to your exam appointment.

Please follow these steps:

·         Go to, then click on “CLEP for Test Takers”

·         Under “Next Steps” go to “register to take an exam”

·         Follow the prompts to set up your Account, and then, if you are prepared,  register to take a specific exam and pay the test fee of $87.00. If you are taking an exam "with essay", there is an additional $10 that must be paid at the Test Center in Riverton at least 2 weeks before the test appointment. Contact the Test Center for specific instructions.

·         Print out your Registration Ticket and bring it with you to your exam appointment.


·         You can set up your Account as a separate procedure, then come back later to actually register to take a CLEP exam

·         Setting up your Account does not take much time (5-10 minutes); however the process to register to take a CLEP exam can be fairly lengthy, so be sure you allow at least 15-20 minutes to complete the process

·         When you register, you must select a specific CLEP exam that you wish to take and pay for it.  BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL to choose the correct exam – PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! The exam that is listed on your Registration Ticket when you come to take the exam is the one that we MUST give you; we cannot change the exam at the Test Center.  (If you change your mind and want to take a different exam after you have registered but before your appointment, you have to contact College Board to get credit for the first exam, and then pay for the new one.)

·         Remember, you MUST have your Registration Ticket when you come to take your exam.  No Ticket, No Exam!

Test Day Reminders:

v  You must present one form of picture ID:

  The  ID must be a government-issued photo ID bearing your name, signature, and a recognizable photo (examples: passport, driver’s license, tribal ID).

  Note: the first and last names on the ID must match that on the Registration Ticket

If you do not have an appropriate primary ID as stated above, go to the CLEP website ( and download the “CLEP Student ID Form.”  You may complete this form to substitute for the primary ID. This form must be completed by a school official or by a notary, and can be re-used for a period of one year.

v  A $15.00 service fee is to be paid to CWC at the time of testing. This fee will be paid at the cashier and can be made with cash, money order, check, or credit card. You will be given a receipt for this payment.

v  For all tests except College Composition, you will receive an unofficial score report when you complete the exam. (For College Composition, CLEP has to score the two essays, so you will receive your score in a few weeks.) You will not receive a score report in the mail or by email.  Your institution should receive the official score report in 2-4 weeks after the test date.  Check with your school to confirm that they have received the report.

v  CLEP policy is that you cannot repeat the same test title within three months.

v  Be sure you have checked with your institution/instructor/advisor to confirm that the CLEP exam you are taking will be accepted for credit.

You MUST print your registration form! Then contact the Test Center for your appointment, and bring the form and your ID with you to test.

 When can I take the exam?

All CLEP exams are computerized and must be taken at an authorized CLEP testing center. CLEP exams are administered whenever a student is ready to take the exam. An appointment to test can be made by contacting the CWC Testing Center. You are not permitted to take a CLEP test for a class in which you are currently enrolled.

How long do the exams take?

Each subject examination is 90 minutes long and is composed of multiple choice questions. The timing is built into the software, so it is important for you to keep an eye on the clock. Some subjects require an additional essay exam. If an essay is required, you will be given an additional 90 minutes to complete it. You must pass the multiple choice portion and the essay portion in order to receive credit for the course.

College Composition will include a 50-minute multiple-choice section and a 70-minute online essay section scored by CLEP, for a total of 120 minutes. The two mandatory essays are part of the exam package and will immediately follow the multiple choice section. The essay portion is scored every two weeks.

How much do the CLEP exams cost?

The total cost to take each CLEP exam is $105. Ninety dollars of the cost is paid directly to the College Board when you register for the test. The additional $15 is collected by CWC for administering the test, and can be paid at the CWC Cashier's window in the CWC Administration Wing in Riverton. The receipt must be presented to the test administrator at the time of the test. 

How will I get my scores?

Score reports will print immediately upon completion for the exam except for College Composition. For this exam, you will receive a combined score after the essay has been scored, usually three to four weeks after your test date. All scores are sent to candidates by first-class mail. Your scores will be sent to one college if you so indicate when you register to take the exam. There is a $25 fee to have a transcript sent to an institution at a later date.

CLEP scores are reported as scale scores not raw scores or percentages. Passing scores vary according to the test taken and the score set by the institution granting the credit. A passing score will typically reflect the performance of students who earn a grade of C in the corresponding college course.

What if I do not do well on the exam?

If you decide that you do not want your score reported, notify the CLEP administrator before leaving the test center, or you can notify CLEP in writing within two days after the test date. If you do not score high enough on the exam to earn the college credit, you must wait 3 months (90 days) to re-take the exam.

What will appear on my CWC transcript?

Your transcript will report the equivalent CWC course for which you have been given credit, the number of credits earned, the term in which you tested and a satisfactory (S) grade. Credits earned from CLEP exams are not computed in your GPA since no letter grade is given. If you transfer to another school, that school will require you to have an official score report from CLEP sent directly to them from the College Board.

Transfer Students: A word of warning
If you are planning to transfer to a four-year institution, be sure to check their CLEP policy to see what exams they accept and what the minimal acceptable scores are. The University of Wyoming will only accept CLEP exams that have been approved by each individual department on campus. Some departments require a student to take departmental challenge exams, rather than a standardized test.


CLEP Subject Examinations (Sept 2021) Equivalent CWC Courses Minimal Acceptable Score Credit Hours
Introductory Business Law BADM-2010 50 3
Principles of Management MGT-3210 50 3
Principles of Marketing MKT-3210 50 3
American Literature ENGL-2310 or 2320 50 3
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature with Essay ENGL-1020 50 3
English Literature ENGL-2210 or 2220 50 3
College Composition ENGL-1010 50 3
College French Level 1 (2 sem) FREN-1010 & 1020 50 8
College French Level 2 (3 sem) FREN-2030 59 4
College Spanish Level 1 (2 sem) SPAN-1010 & 1020 50 8
College Spanish Level 2 (3 sem) SPAN-2030 63 4
Biology BIOL-1010 50 4
Calculus MATH-2200 50 5
Chemistry CHEM-1020 & 1030 50 8
College Algebra MATH-1400 50 4
College Mathematics MATH-1000 50 3
Pre-Calculus MATH-1450 50 5
American Government * POLS-1000 50 3
History of the United States I HIST-1210 50 3
History of the United States II HIST-1220 50 3
Human Growth & Development PSYC-2300 50 3
Introduction to Education Psychology EDFD-2100 50 3
Introductory Psychology PSYC-1000 50 4
Introductory Sociology SOC-1000 50 3
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON-1010 50 3
Principles of Microeconomics ECON-1020 50 3
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 HIST-1110 50 3
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present HIST-1120 50 3

* This credit will not fulfill the requirements of Wyoming Constitution. Students must also complete the Wyoming Constitution Exam in order to fulfill the POLS Gen Ed requirement.

For more information, contact:
CWC Testing Center
Central Wyoming College
Riverton, WY 82501