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About Us: Mission, Vision, & Learning Outcomes


The CWC Library supports the mission of the college to transform lives and strengthen communities through learning, leadership, and connection by making available a wide variety of information resources relevant to curriculum support and developing personal and literacy programs that move our community towards a brighter future.  

The Library is meant to be a partner and strategic asset for the College in the advancement of knowledge, providing intellectual leadership, and essential expertise.  As the College moves forward we respond to the changing nature of its academic programs, occupational, and technical needs of our culturally diverse region of Wyoming we continue to enhance programming and our collection to meet their needs.

The Library provides a safe and welcoming environment where all are encouraged to become independent and lifelong learners.  


The CWC Library stands by the vision of CWC by being the academic center of campus and helping to inspire academic excellence and continuing education for all. We want to empower and inspire the campus community by providing access to information, knowledge, and culture for all, supporting development, learning, creativity, and innovation.

The Library will provide a welcoming and warm environment that includes dynamic learning areas that support individual and group collaboration.  Building relationships with campus community members, the Library will play a leadership role in the development and integration of information literacy into teaching and learning.

Learning Outcomes

When patrons use the CWC Library we want them to become more skilled at:

  • Identifying the type and extent of information needed for their projects.
  • Selecting and accessing appropriate library resources and databases.
  • Being a detective for information by searching the course catalog for physical and digital items.
  • Evaluating and understanding the appropriateness of resources retrieved for their projects.
  • Developing writing, editing, and formatting skills.