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Searching Tips & Techniques

Before you start your search, try to compile a list of potential keywords. This is always a good idea, but it is especially useful for conducting searches in a robust field like science. A good first place to start is to identify which subfield of science you're trying to research.

  • Use common keywords such as chemistry, physics, or biology. 
  • For best results, combine the common word with something more specific (e.g., particle physics, organic chemistry).  
  • Browse the subject science in the Library Catalog, OneSearch, and Databases.
  • Putting your search term within quotes (e.g., "particle accelerator") may produce more relevant content.

Pro Tip - Once you have found a source that is perfect for your writing assignment, look at that book or article's sources.  The author has completed a lot of research on the subject.  Using the already-researched items is a great way to work smarter, not harder.

Another Tip - Use the filters on your searches.  These will appear on the left side of your screen after your initial search.  You will be able to refine your searches by content type, discipline, publication date, and more.