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Central Wyoming College

Copyright at CWC: The TEACH Act


The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH) legislation passed in 2002 to update copyright law for the digital realm. 

Penn State's TEACH Act Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Yourself...

  1. Is the work copyrighted? If not, no further analysis is needed. If yes or if you don’t know, research further.

  2. What is the setting for the class where I want to display or hand out a copy of the work—is it in a face-to-face classroom or in an online course? The law allows different uses in different settings.

  3. Is the work covered by a license, such as those governing my library’s electronic journals and databases? If so, contact your librarian (307-855-2141 or

  4. Is there a specific provision in the copyright law that supports my proposed use without seeking prior permission from the copyright holder?

  5. Does the fair use provision of the copyright law justify my proposed use?

  6. Do I need permission from the copyright holder for the use I propose? If so, seek it.