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Helpful resources for students in Adult Education classes preparing for a High School Equivalency exam

About the program

CWC’s College and Career Readiness team congratulates you on making a decision to work toward earning your HiSET, alternative high school diploma. Your enrollment will require attendance of a career introductory course that will take place, the first week of class. Attendance of all days is mandatory. 

The CWC library has worked with your HiSET instructors to put together some additional helpful resources broken up by subjects listed on the left side of this page. 

Accessing the Program

Application for all classes here. Please be aware registrations time out after 90 days and are removed from the system.

Class space is limited. Potential students ages 16-17 are required to have an age waiver form completed and signed by their parent or guardian and school district of residence. If your school has closed, please see CCR staff for guidance. If you have questions, call or email:

Christy Pyles
Program Director

CWC High School Equivalency Intake Paperwork Online Application