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About the program

The CWC art program provides a rigorous foundations curriculum and an immersive art-making experience. Discover artistic potential through personal guidance, experience-based classes, opportunities for creative expression and access to artistic tools and resources. CWC’s faculty recognizes the need for all tools, traditional and digital, to facilitate the teaching and creative process of making.

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Relevant Courses

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 Program Requirements ART 1110 Foundation - Two Dimensional
ART 1005 Drawing I ART 1130 Foundations: Color Theory
ART 1120 Foundation - Three Dimensional ART 2020 Art History II
ART 2010 Art History I ART 2145 Digital Photography I
ART 2141 Professional Practice in the Arts ART 2310 Sculpture I
 Electives in: Ceramics, Digital Media, Photography, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Metal or Glass Arts, and more