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Business Administration

About the program

Learn the know-how needed to be successful in business environments. Problem-solving, communication, management, and leadership are some of the valuable skills you will take away from this program, skills important to any career. Having a foundation in business allows graduates the flexibility to find work in a setting or industry that fits personal career goals.

You can continue your business career goals by pursuing the Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership degree. This option will provide the foundations for owning a business and open doors to entrepreneurial opportunities. Learn to manage and lead successfully within public, private, government, and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum offers practical and active learning strategies needed to encourage growth in individuals and teams.

More information on these programs can be found on their CWC program pages.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership 

Relevant Courses

COMM 4050 Communication and Conflict MGT 4005 Leading Others
ENTR 4050 Entrepreneurship Essentials MGT 4020 Innovation Management
IMGT 2400 Intro to Information Management MGT 4390 Management & Leadership Capstone
MDIA 3050 New Media Ethics MGT 4395 Business & Entrepreneurship Capstone
MGT 3000 Financial Analysis Budgeting MKT 3050 Social Media Marketing
MGT 3005 Foundations of Leadership MKT 3210 Principles of Marketing
MGT 3010 Personal Leadership PSYC 1000 General Psychology
MGT 3110 Business Ethics PSYC 3110 Cross-Cultural Psychology
MGT 3210 Management and Organization PSYC 3200 Industrial-Organizational Psychology
MGT 3400 Business Internship STAT 2000 Statistics and the World
MGT 3410 Human Resources Management