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Computer Technology

About the program

Computer Technology introduces basic hardware, software, networking and security principles.
Complete the Comp TIA A+™ hardware certification test and take courses for the preparation of the Comp TIA Network+™ and Comp TIA Security+™ certification exams. Courses will provide a blended knowledge of computer networking, hardware/software and a broad understanding of the Linux operating system. On the job work to practice skills acquired from the classroom will be utilized in an internship.

Develop skills in the business or personal computing environment. Recent graduates of the program have been hired as network engineers, computer hardware technicians, information systems help desk and network administrators.

Relevant Courses

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CMAP 1615 Operating Systems: CMAP 1200 Computer Information Systems
CMAP 1650 Introduction to Networking CMAP 1715 Word Processing Applications
CMAP 1765 Spreadsheet Applications: CMAP 1815 Database Applications:

CMAP 1920

Hardware Maintenance COMM 2130 OR 
MGT 2130
Human Relations
CPED 1000  Co-Op Work Experience I CSEC 1500 Computer Network Security +
PFDV 1500 Managing Career Development More on Computer Technology