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About the program

Encompass a broad range of specialty areas which include hairstyling, nail technology, and esthetics. Receive knowledge and manipulative skills in hair, nails, and skincare to be prepared for the workforce. Learn about safety and infection control in all aspects of the various disciplines. Study the professional skills to communicate effectively and make sound decisions. Take the licensure exam through the Wyoming State Board of Cosmetology after completion of the program.

Completion of this program does not guarantee licensure.

Applicants must meet the general admission requirements of Central Wyoming College. Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to the Cosmetology program; application to the program is a separate objective process.


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Relevant Courses

CSMO 1500 Intro to Nail Technology CSMO 1505 Nail Technology Lab
CSMO 1600 Intro to Skin Technology CSMO 1605 Skin Technology Lab
CSMO 1610 Esthetics Concepts CSMO 1620 Esthetics Concepts Lab
CSMO 1680 Science of Hair Removal CSMO 1700 Intro to Hair Technology
CSMO 1701 Orientation to Cosmetology CSMO 1702
Infection Control and Sci Standards
CSMO 1705
Hair Fundamentals
CSMO 1730 Cosmetology Lab I
CSMO 1735 Cosmetology Lab II CSMO 1790 Clinical Applications III
CSMO 1795 Clinical Applications IV CSMO 1800 Clinical Applications V
CSMO 1876
Advanced Cosmetology Assessment