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E-Resource Overview

This page is filled with research/database links and materials. Below you will find tables for general resources. The subject-specific pages are hyperlinked below. 

CWC has access to a multitude of online databases available. Databases provide access to credible, usually scholarly reviewed, content that is not always found through your typical search engines. We pay (a lot) for access to hundreds of databases that provide reliable sources for your research needs. Many of the databases include newspaper and journal articles written by professional writers or experts in the field.

This chart also provides an overview of the differences between Library Databases, Google Scholar, and Google. 

Why use Databases?

There are many reasons that you should utilize databases for your research needs.

  • Items found in databases are written by experts in their field and are professional writers.
  • Databases search a select number of journals and articles, which narrows the search to bring you items that are on-point.  This makes your research more manageable.
  • The databases we subscribe to are specific to the areas of study here at CWC.  We have approved them as useful resources. 

Just like your thesis statement - having a narrow search field allows you to focus on your end product -- a GREAT research paper.

 All Databases A-Z Found Here.

Find more information about Databases on Canvas


Sometimes you need a quick answer or to understand more about your research topic. Wikipedia is an okay place to start when learning about something. However, it should not be your only stop, AND it should not be used as a source for academic research. 

Our video talks more about the pros and cons of Wikipedia. 

One Search

One Search

A-Z Databases

A-Z Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar