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This guide is a resource for nursing students at CWC.

About the program

The CWC nursing program uses a team-based learning strategy that emphasizes student preparation out of class followed by the application of knowledge in class. TBL facilitates active learning through the use of small group classroom activities. This student-centered approach brings real-world meaning to concepts explored in the classroom while enhancing professional skills in teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. TBL prepares graduates for professional nursing practice and promotes lifelong learning skills.

Visit the CWC Nursing page for more information on:

Accreditation, Admissions, Curriculum, Scholarships, Additional Nursing Opportunities, and more. 

Relevant Courses

Classes related to the nursing program are;

NURS 1100 Professional Nursing Care in Health Promotion NURS 1110 Pharmacology in Health Promotion
NURS 1200 Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with
Chronic Illness
NURS 1210 Pharmacology in Chronic Illness
NURS 2300 Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with
Acute Illness
NURS 2310 Pharmacology in Acute Illness
NURS 2400 Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with
Complex Illness
NURS 2410 Pharmacology in Complex Illness