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Research Tips- How Do I...?: Find Articles

- The purpose of this module is to help you understand basic tools to expand your college-level research skills. Each "How Do I" section is designed to give you practical information and ways of thinking about information that will allow you to:

Find Articles

You can find articles in two main locations 

Keywords are Key:

  • Remember to use keywords
    • Do not enter questions or sentences into the search bars.
  • Go back to your topic and synonyms to find words that relate to your project.

How to use the CWC Library Database:

  • The CWC Library Database Website
    • We have access to 211 Databases!
    • At the top of the page you have a few options
      • Choose to search by Subject, the Vendor, Term/Specific Database
        • I like to use the Subject pull down to find a specific area of interest.


  • Once you find the database you are interested in searching you can click in.
    • You will be asked to put in your CWC Username & Password to access the database.
  • Here is an example of one of our Databases (Computer Science Database)
    • On the homepage you have access to a basic search, advanced search, or searching publications.



View a short 4 minute on how to use our Databases

How to use Google Scholar to find Articles

  • GoogleScholarLinks to an external site.
    • Use your Keywords and the tips found on the Choose Keyword Page (use AND, OR, NOT, " ", * )
    • GoogleScholar can be used to find articles that will help you with research.
      • Most items are articles, more are available through Google, or they may redirect you to the CWC site.


  • On the left column you have options to filter.
  • Under each result you can options to:
    • Cite - click it to find citation formats for MLA, APA, Chicago, and more
    • Cited by - know that it is reputable, many of these articles are cited by others in the field.
      • click on these "cited by" sources to find more sources that relate to your subject.
    • Related articles - These are great to find additional resources.
    • click the arrow - to see options for Full View and Full-Text
      • Some of these will say "Full Text @ CWC" - this links back to CWC Library's databases.

View our Video on How to Use Google Scholar and how it can improve your research skills.

How to use the CWC Articles, Journals, Magazines, and More using OneSearch:

  • OneSearch.
    • No need to sign into this platform.
      • You will have to sign in using your Username and Password (everything before the @ in your email) to log into the databases if you find a helpful resource.
    • Here you have access to full text, scholarly & peer reviewed, ebooks, open access, newspaper articles, magazines, and so much more.
    • Remember to use your Keyword searches.
  • This short 4 minute video discusses how to:

    • Find OneSearch
    • How to narrow your findings down by using the filters located on the left side of the page.
      • Choose to refine your searches by Content Type, Discipline, Publication Year, Subject Terms, institution, and more.
    • How to save files
    • How to use the citation functions
    • and more