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Relevant Courses

EDEC 1020 Introduction to Early Childhood Education EDEC 1100 Observation and Guidance of Young Children
EDEC 1300 Curriculum Planning and Development for Young Children

EDEC 1305

Curriculum Planning/Dev Young Child Lab
EDEC 2000 Engaging Families in Early Childhood Education Settings

EDEC 2200

Early Childhood Practicum

EDEL 2140

Teaching Literacy in the Elem School

EDEL 2280

Literature for Children

EDEX 2484

Intro to Special Education

EDFD 1101

Intro to Education

EDFD 2100

Educational Psychology EDST 2550 Educational Assessment

FCSC 2121

Child Development

ITEC 2360

Teaching With Technology

EDCI 3130

Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School EDCI 3140 Teaching Reading in Elementary

EDCI 3150

Teaching Math in Elementary School

EDCI 3160

Teaching Science in Elementary

EDEC 3220

School Programs for Young Children

EDEC 4320

Oral and Written Language Acquisition

EDEC 5230

Curriculum and Materials for Children with Disabilities

EDEC 5250


Legal Issues in Early Childhood Special Education

EDEC 4350

Health Management Issues in Early Education

EDEX 3340

Differentiating Instruction in Diverse Classrooms

EDEL 4500

Residency in Teaching (Fall and Spring)