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Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Subject Guide

About the program

Leadership is an immersive and empowering process. In this option, the student will learn to manage and lead successfully within public and government organizations. For those students in criminal justice and law enforcement organizations, this option provides an opportunity to develop and apply skills to advance as individuals both professionally and personally. The curriculum offers practical and active learning strategies needed to encourage growth in individuals and teams.

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Relevant Courses

CRMJ 1020 Intro to Law Enforcement CRMJ 2100 Politics & Judicial Process
CRMJ 2120 Intro to Criminal Justice CRMJ 2210 Criminal Law
CRMJ 2230 Law of Evidence CRMJ 2280 Criminal Procedures
CRMJ 2350 Intro to Corrections CRMJ 2400 Criminology
CRMJ 2685 Research Methods in Criminal Justice CRMJ 3030 Liability and Risk Management
CRMJ 3100 Politics of Law Enforcement CRMJ 4010 Community Policing and Public Trust
CRMJ 4030 Crisis Communication and Public Relations CRMJ 4130 Leadership and Management in the Criminal Justice System
HSEC 1000 Introduction to Homeland Security HSEC 1002 Terrorism and Counter Terrorism
HSEC 2001 Overview of Homeland Security Law HSEC 2005  Politics and Terrorism And Homeland Security