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Test Center Information: Placement Score Charts

ALEKS information


Central Wyoming College

Math Placement Information

College level math placement for CWC can be determined by:

  • Math ACT score (within the past 2 years) OR
  • Score on a PROCTORED ALEKS Math Assessment (within the past 2 years)  OR
  • Previously earned college credit (subject to evaluation by the Office of the Registrar)

There are multiple course options for each math placement level. The math course(s) a student

should take varies based on their intended program of study. Talk to your advisor to see what math

course(s) you need for your degree.


Permitted to enroll in CWC Course:

ACT Math Score


MATH 0923

Beginning Algebra Workshop with MATH 920



MATH 1001

Math Workshop I with MATH 1000 



MATH 920

Elementary Algebra


MATH 1500

Applied Math


MATH 1000

Problem Solving


BADM 1005

Business Math


MATH 1331

Intermediate Algebra Workshop with MATH 1400


MATH 1009 Elementary Algebra Workshop with MATH 1100


MATH 1400

College Algebra


MATH 1100

Number & Operations for Elementary School Teachers

MATH 1105

Data, Probability & Algebra for Elementary School Teachers


MATH 1405



MATH 2350

Business Calculus

MATH 2355

Math Apps for Business


MATH 2200

Calculus l


Students who are not placed into college-level coursework via Math ACT scores, equivalent Math SAT scores,

or previously earned college credit must have a current ALEKS or ACT score (within the last two years). ALEKS offers an initial non-proctored assessment that can be completed at home, and Prep and Learning Modules to gain and refresh knowledge. ALEKS is calibrated with the idea that a student does not have a calculator, and ALEKS provides one during the assessment when one is allowed.

Students should discuss scores with their advisor to ensure proper placement has been met.

Proctored placement test scores must be received and entered in the student file prior to course start date.

Contact the CWC Testing Center to schedule your math placement assessment: 307-855-2298

Riverton 307-855-2298    Lander  307-332-3394     Jackson 307-733-7425 



March 2023